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I'm Shawn, I'm 24. I just want to play videogames, watch anime, and eat wings forever. Let's be friends.

PSN: Shizzy1427

Xbox Live: Shizzy1427

3DS Friend Code: 2767-0121-3348

Follow me on Twitter where I talk about video games a lot and sometimes say funny things.


    Late Night Playlist
    • Interpol - PDA
    • Minus The Bear - Excuses
    • Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
    • Anthony Green - Get Yours While You Can (1290 Studio Acoustic)
    • Beirut - Scenic World (Lon Gisland)
    • Radiohead - 4 Minute Warning
    • Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground
    • Neil Young - Old Man (Live At Massey Hall)
    • Portugal. The Man - Work All Day (Acoustic)
    • Minus The Bear - When We Escape
    • Dear And The Headlights - Midwestern Dirt
    • Radiohead - Scatterbrain
    • Band Of Horses - The General Specific
    • Good Old War - Weak Man (Feat. Anthony Green and Dave Davison)
    • Cast Spells - Potted Plant
    • Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
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